Savannah Pugh

-If you could have anyone riding behind you, who would it be? Marc Marquze, because I wish could be that fast. 

-If you had a band, what would its name be? Last place, but I can’t play/sing so no worries about ever being in a band. 

-Of all the bikes you’ve owned, which is your favorite? My 250 after it became a race bike. 

-Who is your favorite racer? Well Rossi and Jamie Hacking. 

-What was your first motorcycle? Ninja 250 

-Have you ever run from the cops? No, not worth it. 

-How many years have you been riding? Started in 2009 so 7 years. 

-What’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever done on a motorcycle? Crashing on the first turn because of cold tires. 

-What’s your next tattoo going to be? Hope to finish the ship wreck on my side. 

-What’s your dream racetrack? Assen holds a special place in my heart and is the track I dream about getting to go ride. 

-What’s your favorite part about riding? Being in the moment, and dragging knee.

-If you were a superhero, what would your power be? Being able to fly or manipulate metal so I don’t have to use tools to work on a bike. 

-What’s your favorite pick-up line? You must be the square root of two. Cause I feel irrational around you. (Pick up lines are so cheesy) 

-What’s your dream bike? There is no one dream bike, I want a nice bike in every category race,dirt,duel sport, flat track, standard, my dream bikes are always changing every time a new one comes out. But I would love an old 125/250 two-stroke race bike. 

-What’s your life saying?

Sometimes you just have to say f*ck it and just go. 

Craig “Huey” Stewart


Huey is well-known in the race paddocks after working as a crew chief since 2000, both fostering young talent and keeping veteran racers at the top of their game. Huey, who is not only MarMo’s dyno tuner extraordinaire, but also served as a mechanic for the Kevin Schwantz Suzuki School (In fact, when the world…