Every bike I have owned since I’ve moved to the area has been serviced at MarMo. Quality, detail-oriented mechanics, and a history of supporting all levels and kinds of two-wheel racing. I am honored and humbled to be able to run their stickers on my race bike.

Ed Eberhart

Well, I have been coming to this shop for 5 years now. Guess it’s finally time I give it a review…I’ll never go anywhere else. The people here literally taught me to ride on the track and a few years later I raced in my first pro race. Out of all the times I have raced and been on the track, I’ve only had ONE mechanical DNF and it was because of a faulty fuel pump plug. They disassemble and build my race bikes, suspension, motors, and dirt bikes from the ground up every year. I never have to worry about the safety or ability of my bike while I’m riding and that’s definitely worth a few seconds.

Anne Roberts

Hey MM I want to take a min and brag on you guys. Over the years I’ve been coming to you for service and tuning service and tuning tuning and more service tuning tuning tuning and well there is a reason why I won’t use some of the other guys livingood,huff,caylor, to do my work. I only have 1 life and when it comes down to who I trust with working on my bike it will be MM for life. You guys will take the time to explain what is happening and such and most the time I’m just nodding saying uhh hmm but I’m just shifting gears in my head with the high rpm sounds of my 2012 zx10. I love you guys and love the fact that I always get fed on Saturdays. Sheer coincidence I always show up at 11sharp..I think not.. huey Selena Skinny you guys are amazing. Don’t change anything about how you guys do things. I’ll keep referring you guys to everyone I know as long as you keep me the fastest guy in Atlanta. How fast do i wunna go???? I want to go as fast as possible and I believe you’ve created a monster Huey.

Josh Booth

Absoutely incredible bike shop! The entire staff was very friendly. I have only been riding about 6 months now so I am not an expert on my own bike yet, much less anything about any other bikes. The staff showed me around and I left not only with the maintenance completed on my Ninja 300, but as well learned new things about motorcycle mechanics. 100% recommended!

Tyler McDaniel

Tell me the last time you went to a shop and they didn’t try to jerk you around, or assume you don’t have mechanical knowledge? These guys are fantastic! They took the time to go over everything they found on my bike that was off. No suprise labor, no BS extra parts I was never asked about. They serviced my 23 year old bike perfectly, and let me know what I should do to get her even more tidied up (I generally do my own wrenching, but didn’t want to fool with adjusting the valves) GREAT SERVICE GUYS!

Chris Hurt

First off, I am beyond grateful to Marietta Motorsports. Even with a full work load on bikes that had been here before mine, they immediately took care of my bike without any hesitation and as a result, they trouble shot a issue that could have caused a major problem, either immediately or down the road $$$$$. Still, with additional work now added on, the job was completed and I couldn’t be any happier. John, Thank you for everything. You and your staff have yet to let me down or steer me wrong when it comes to my bike. Thanks again.

Martin Mahnfeldt

Had my bike tuned at Marietta Motorsports this past week. While he was tuning it Craig ‘Huey’ Stewart dealt with my constant messages asking if it had been tuned and what kind of power it made before and after with a smile. He called to talk to me and get everything set up and sorted after we had the baby, and he found a person that would bring my bike back this way so I didn’t have to go all the way to Atlanta when he was done. While there, I also let his staff put on a new chain as the old one needed replacing. Everything went smoothly, and everyone was very helpful. They have earned my repeat business. Thanks Huey and crew! Now I can’t wait to get to test her out on track!

Henry Austin

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