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Marietta Motorsports


We are a dealer-alternative, maintenance and performance shop specializing in late model street, roadrace and metric cruiser motorcycles.

We offer scheduled maintenance such as oil changes, valve checks and adjustments, tire sales and fitting, fluid changes, sprocket and chain replacement, spark plugs swaps and anything else your bike may need to stay safely on the road.

Our history of working and racing in WERA and the AMA, gives us the experience to race-prep, build (and rebuild), and tune motorcycles of all levels. We can also use that experience to modify your street bike for looks, better handling, faster acceleration, higher speeds (but never faster than the legally posted speed limit, of course!), and all around performance.

We offer competitive pricing on everything you or your bike could ever need or want. Our store keeps a lot of the most popular maintenance items in stock such as tires, chains, spark plugs, filters, sprockets. We also stock racing items and spares for the current / popular brands. Anything and everything else, including OEM parts, can be ordered by our sales staff.

Our Team




Scheduled maintenance
Oil and fluid changes
Tire changes (on and off the bike)
Valve clearance checks and adjustments
Throttle body synchronization
Carb cleaning and synchronization
Suspension baseline setup
Chain and sprocket replacement
Brake fluid power flush
Brake pads
Aftermarket parts and modifications



Street, strip, track!

Engine builds
Dynojet products
Suspension Upgrades
(Ohlins, Traxxion, Penske, Race-tech)
Aftermarket parts and modifications



Years of experience in the AMA, WERA, CCS and many track day organizations.

Full track day / race prep
Safety wire
Race bodywork mounting
Fuel Management Systems
Engine builds
Crash repair (bodywork and bike)
Aftermarket parts and modifications



We've worked with most insurance companies!

Insurance estimates
OEM replacement parts
Transmission rebuilds



We are a Dynojet approved tuning center using a Dynojet 250i, eddy-current dynamometer and their newest "Tuning Link" software.

Please see our full Dynojet page

Contact us for quotes and estimates.

Labor Rate = $90.00 an hour
Bikes 10 years or older = $94.00 an hour

Licensed Racers = $86.00 an hour

We bill “actual labor”!
A lot of shops (especially dealers) bill from “job guides” that give them a price for how much labor each task requires.
Even if the job only takes them 1/3 of the time to complete, they bill the entire amount in the job guide. We bill the actual time only!

Dyno Tuning

News and Stuff

Setting up suspension at a track day

Suspension Setups!

Let us baseline your suspension to your weight and riding ability. Only $72 and the best money you’ll spend!

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We’re proudly offering TrakJaks! One of those tools you never knew you needed. Necessary? Nope. Invaluable? YUP!

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This is what happens when the photographer comes to the shop to take pics for the website: VOGUE, Vogue, vogue…

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